Sunday, May 29, 2011

At Last

Today is the first day of summer for someone like me (perpetually chicken-skinned) and so far, I've spent it indoors, putting together aestival ensembles like this one. It's time to get out there and make up for lost time with a nice sunburn. Wish me luck!

1) J.Crew Ribbon Cami, $49.99
2) Meg Carter Azure Pearl Cascade Drops, $125
3) Tory Burch Robinson Shoulder Bag, $325
4) Ann Taylor Reid Stretch Canvas Platform Sandal, $109.99
5) Kate Spade Striped Lillith Skirt, $325

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spoiler Alert

Dress, Brooks Brothers. Jacket, Talbots. Belt, from another frock. Pumps, Nine West. Kiki, rescued.

In the past few weeks, I've been very blessed (blessed has a nicer ring than spoiled, doesn't it?). I was given this pretty periwinkle dress as a present - hand-picked by yours truly, but still! I found this vivid double-breasted jacket for a mere $20 at our local Winners store. An artist friend agreed to take my photos today and let me use her sweet rescued dog as a prop. To top it all off, this time of the year brings ideal temperatures and late sunsets! Negative Nancy would love to find something to complain about, but she can't seem to catch a break in that department. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Girl Can Dream

 Blouse and belt, Banana Republic. Skirt, vintage. Sandals, Nine West.

Thank you for being so supportive about my last grammar post. I have several ideas on what the next will be and I'm taking my time choosing because a) I'm not the know-it-all I may have led you to believe I am, and b) I need something with a lot of potential for humor. I might as well admit that you are my test-audience in case I ever get to do a stand-up routine. My goal? Getting people to stop saying things like "Her and I are friends," "She's kinder than me," and "Us girls gotta stick together." It may be impossible to do all this with minimal heckling, but... A girl can dream!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Return of the Grammarian

Blouse, Tommy. Skirt, Banana Republic. Sandals, Nine West.

A couple of months ago, a fellow amateur grammarian wanted to discuss restrictive and non-restrictive clauses. Since I owe you guys several posts on the topic, I thought I'd start to make up for lost time by partly recycling my email exchanges with the Grammatical Geoffrey.   

Let us examine the following phrases: 
I have a husband, who is a sharp dresser.
I have a husband who is a sharp dresser.

Punctuation is possibly the most overlooked aspect of writing, even though it can make a world of difference. That strategically placed comma gives the first phrase a completely different meaning. I have a husband, who is a sharp dresser means that I am monogamous and my husband happens to be a sharp dresser (lucky me!). In boring terms, it is called a non-restrictive or parenthetic clause and it is used to introduce new information.
I have a husband who is a sharp dresser is a restrictive or non-parenthetic clause and it leaves room for polygamy and a lack of style. The phrase could just as naturally become: I have a husband who is a sharp dresser and another who favors the Canadian tuxedo (the horror). In writing, I've found it helpful to replace who/which with that in restrictive clauses. And that concludes today's lesson!

P.S. The husband in these examples is fictional. Please don't send any belated gravy boats.
P.P.S. Polygamy? Did I just go there? For those who might be offended, I should tell you that I believe in absolute gender equality. If certain men can take multiple wives, then women should be able to do it as well (I just pitched Brother Husbands to TLC). 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Party on the top, Work on the bottom

Top, Talbots. Skirt, Club Monaco. Belt, Eddie Bauer. Pumps, Nine West.

When I first put on this soft cotton top, I felt ready for either a nice nap or beer with the guys (Okay, it would be more like cocktails with the girls. And since it's Monday night, Blair and Serena). This is where the body-con pencil skirt, pearls, and pumps came in to lift a casual top to corporate heights. Polished and slightly uncomfortable? That is more my speed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Half A Bubble Off Plumb

Blazer, Club Monaco. Tee, American Eagle. Shorts, J.Crew. Sandals, Geox.

I named these chosen shots Bubble Butt 1 and Bubble Butt 2 because guess who wears mom shorts now and actually fills them out? Yeah, I'm ecstatic. Bubbling over, really, so be careful: this look may be contagious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oxford Blue

Button-up, Talbots. Skirt, Club Monaco. Scarf as belt, Brooks Brothers. Tights, Hue. Wellies, Hunter.

I had been looking for the perfect blue oxford shirt for ages and I'm happy to report the search is over. Talbots used to be the store where all my high school teachers seemed to shop and I was always envious of their oxford finds. Now that I'm not a girl of sixteen anymore (but pretty close), their apparel actually fits me, so I can shop to my preppy heart's content. I've got a lot of catching up to do. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Outfitted for China

Dress & hat, Gap. Cardigan, J.Crew. Belt, Joe Fresh. Sandals, Nine West.
- noun, verb
Collective term for gear or equipment required for a ship being made ready or fit for sea. The preparation period known as "fitting out". The word outfit has gradually come to include clothes worn for a special purpose. [source]

Three years ago, I purchased this dress because it reminded me of a china pattern. The final sale rack was chock-full of these frocks, in every size imaginable, which makes me think that other girls are not so drawn to apparel reminiscent of crockery. Ah well, more for me.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marine Mania

Button-up, J.Crew. Shorts, Banana Republic. Belt, Eddie Bauer. Sandals, Nine West.

Out of the blue, a friend from college presented me with SALTY DOG TALK - The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions by Beavis and McCloskey. Does she know me or what? Not only am I nautically inclined (a downright deviant in maritime matters) and an etymology aficionado, but I would read anything written by a couple of guys named Beavis and McCloskey (fittingly and respectively, a seaman-turned-journalist and a marine historian). The book has now become one of my mainstays and I try to bring it along everywhere - wouldn't want to miss the boat on some precious reading time. 
P.S.: Fellow fashionistas may be glad to know that outfit is a nautical term.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Full-On Monet

Cardigan & dress, J.Crew. Necklace, Jones New York. Belt, Joe Fresh. Pumps, Banana Republic.

For those of you bothered by the blurriness of the second photograph - I was going for that Monet look. Yes, I fidgeted while posing because I had this in mind. I'm a planner. I even booked my building's underground parkade for the shoot - nothing like some overhead pipes to jazz up a Monday night's outfit. What's next? Sexy pouting (and breath holding) in the garbage room? Don't hold your breath. Garden posing should resume shortly.