Monday, June 18, 2012

Is that your personal knife?

Talbots top. J.Crew shorts.

I've always loved the sight of a dog sticking its head out of a moving car, tongue-out and grinning from ear to ear. My neighbor's dog (pictured) has a permanent smile that is making me question my mysophobic pet-free existence. It's a tough decision. Cuddles or a germ-free sofa?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Napa Newbie

As a recent Californian, I couldn't wait to set foot in Napa, the oenophile's version of Disneyland. One of the wineries I had the pleasure of visiting was Stags' Leap, a property ripe with olive trees, wild turkeys, and yes, grapes. I'm not a sommelier, but I recommend you go for their 2008 Stags' Leap Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley and stay for the wild turkey sightings.

Wild turkey derriere.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Once more, with feeling

I met this poppy in Napa. A bit of a poser, eh?
Dear five readers,
I know you thought I'd quit this blog (and for a while, I did too), but I'm still breathing over here. Not comfortably, though - a cold has turned me into a very attractive Mrs. Potato Head, bulbous nose and all. But enough about my looks! (this blog has always been more about philosophy and the dwindling economy). What have I been up to these past few months? 

1. I left my beloved Vancouver and moved to Mountain View, California. It's a long story and no, I did not get a job at Google. I did, however, get a Costco membership card from a clerk who asked me what Canadian was. As in: "What language do Canadians speak?"

2. I don't know anyone in the area so I'm lonely enough to constantly bombard my neighbors with babysitting offers. Will you lend me your baby for a few hours of human interaction? Please? Your cat then? A fern?

3. I realized being too secretive is silly (except when my best friend and I "invented" a secret alphabet to pass notes in class and dissuade my mom from reading my journal - that was vital). From now on, I will always use my real first name (ANA - what's up, fellow palindromes?) and never my last name (five stalkers are no fun). 

You stay classy, five readers. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where's Waldo? In Santa Cruz.

J.Crew Factory dress. Michael Kors Satchel. Tommy Hilfiger trench. Bloch flats.

You guys,
My sister accused me of abandoning the blog, so I had no choice but to post and prove her wrong. In your face, sis! Look at me, all dressed against a new backdrop. On a different note, this dress may be available in blue at the store... Wanna be twinsies?

P.S. Let's Instagram, y'all!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Banana Republic top & skirt. Talula hat.
J.Crew Jackie cardigan. Talbots top. Banana Republic skirt. Geox sandals.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

Tee and skirt, Club Monaco. Sperry Top-Siders. Talula hat.

Outfits like this one are a mere memory now that I'm trolling the city in wellies and multiple layers (the only reminder of warm weather are my now peeling layers of skin). What is it about aestival escapes that makes my clothes fit better, makes me eat healthier meals, and generally feel more comfortable in my own skin? Sporadic siestas can't be the only way to do this. A move may be in order.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get Religion

Shell & skirt, Banana Republic. Sandals, Geox.

At home, I iron religiously but on vacation, this was the outfit I chose to wrinkle on not one, but five local buses in Puerto Vallarta, complete with paintings of the Virgin Mary and a Joseph that bore an uncanny resemblance to Bill Murray. Traffic was a bit frightening, so thank God for Bill Murray.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aestival Assets

Talbots top. Banana Republic skirt.

Dressing in two items of clothing may be on the boring side, but it certainly pleases those prone to bloating (no more Spanx-like tights! women's apparel is evil!). I wish I could don a forgiving skirt and eat my weight in guacamole every day but alas, it's back to winter for this Mexico-enamored maiden. Weekly feasts at La Taqueria will have to do until next time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


J.Crew Jackie cardigan. Banana republic skirt & pumps. Lacoste headband. Vintage bracelets.

Another year older, none the wiser. My friend and coworker spoiled me with a gift card for my birthday and Christmas and I wasted no time before pouncing on this hot pink number. Next stop? An eyewear store, for my sore retinas.