Monday, November 21, 2011

The No-Pants Clause

Raoul blouse, Talbots cardigan, Banana Republic skirt & pumps, Ann Taylor handbag.

Dear friends,
I'm alive and well. Also, a little surprised that no one got my eternal recurrence joke. No Nietzsche fans? Anyway, I've been recovering whilst watching Breaking Bad from the very beginning and I couldn't help noticing how much time Bryan Cranston spends pants-less in the first season. Is this the sort of thing that is written into one's contract? "Must be pants-less at least once per episode. AMC reserves the right to choose between briefs and brief nudity."


dotty said...

ha, i went on a breaking bad binge a couple weeks ago and when you watch them all in row you really start to notice the amount of tighty whitey screen time!

anyway, i'm glad that you are feeling better and that you're wearing a cute outfit!

dash dot dotty

Amber Blue Bird said...

My husband has been trying to get me watch Breaking Bad but I still havent found the time. I hear its great though and pantless scenes sound awesome.

Cute outfit, love the tie front blouse.

Jess said...

The more often people are pantsless, the more often I am a trendsetter when I wear pants. So I'm cool with people not wearing pants. Also, that top is amazing so...don't go topless or any of that. Let's not take it too far.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Haha I only saw the first few episodes of Breaking Bad and was wondering why he was always in his undies! You on the other hand look very cute without pants! (Oh that came out strangely-wearing a skirt I should say!)