Saturday, October 23, 2010

Practically invariable

Haircut, Tina at Luscious Salon in Yaletown. Sweater, Banana Republic. Necklace, street vendor. Skirt, thrift-ed. Belt, Eddie Bauer. Tights, Hue. Shoes, Nine West.

This is the ideal version of the outfit I wore to an art exhibit last night. In reality, I replaced the black peep-toes with black rain boots in the war of glamor versus practicality. Vancouver wins every time! The rain, the steep hills, the fact that I'd rather walk everywhere than buy a bus pass - these are not conducive to strutting around in heels. Mere strutting, however, is variable-free (all right, maybe not in a swampy area), so I try to indulge as often as I can.

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