Monday, June 13, 2011

GRAMMAR 101: The Ayes Don't (Always) Have It

 Umbrella, Hudson's Bay Co. Blouse & pumps, Banana Republic. Skirt, J.Crew.

I miss those days when people said things like "Me and Snooki are like, best friends." Doesn't this blatant grammatical error beat the horror that is hypercorrection? People avoid using "me" like the plague, thinking that the I-s always have it, but let me show you where they certainly do not.

1) My mother loves my sister and I.
First of all, the objects of my mother's affection should be just that: objects. The first person singular direct object pronoun is me, whereas I is the subject. If all you read was blah, blah, blah, think about it this way. I have no sister, so yank her out of that sentence and you're left with: My mother loves I. I rest my case.

2) for you and I, to him and I, a book about Snooki and I, etc.
These prepositions indicate indirect objects: me, me, me. And since we're being self-centered, let's explore those examples without you, him, and Snooki: for I, to I, about I. Yikes!

3) Snooki and I's friendship goes way back.
This malfeasance is the worst one of all because it is a matter of possessive forms and I's should always strike you as a red flag. The friendship belongs to both Snooki and... me, so the easiest way would be to replace the whole thing with Our friendship goes way back since I probably mentioned us in a previous sentence. If this is your opening statement, however, make sure you show correct ownership of said friendship: Snooki's and my friendship goes way back.  

 Now you know I watch The Jersey Shore. Please don't tell anyone.


Judy C said...

I think the only problem with your blog is that the people who need it the most probably don't read. I think it's super and I find myself doing the same stuff but silently. However, I cannot, cannot make myself watch The Jersey Shore. After living my whole life here in Tennessee, I have heard enough bad grammar.

Jen said...

Oh, don't worry, I watch too!! And such a cute umbrella! Would certainly make any dreary, rainy day better :-)

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Elle said...

Technically speaking is it an oxymoron to have a paragraph about both Snooki and grammar? Hilarious! I love your umbrella too!

Melissa said...

AMEN! And I really like Elle's comment. :) This is something that bugs me a lot. People think they sound intelligent when they say "I" but really...not so much.


I love this outfit! Simple black and white with killer heels. I'm still on the hunt for a great white skirt like that! You look awesome!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

dotty said...

ha! i like that snooki shows up in your examples!

and that umbrella is fabulous. :)

Jess said...

I read the Snooki book.


Also I really love your umbrella.

Amber Blue Bird said...

I must say that I do tend to be lazy when it comes to grammar and posting a comment. So if I ever use I or me incorrectly in a post, please forgive me. :)

rlutz said...

I always learn something when I read your blog!! Love the fun umbrella!!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

LOL, I also watch Jersey Shore. I am anonymous here, right:)

Love the outfit (and the umbrella accessory).

Erin said...

Love the umbrella and the shoes! I never really got in to Jersey Shore, but I do like going to Jersey Shore themed parties.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you watch Jersey Shore..Lol Your secret is definitely safe with me. :) Can I please have your umbrella? he he I think I love it!!

Very cute skirt and outfit!!


Your umbrella is AMAZING, and THANK YOU for posting this particular grammatical horror. I rarely get angry over the way people speak or how they choose to string words together, but this one...this one makes me have to try real hard not to Hulk smash people's mouths.

Lippylash said...

Thanks for the grammar 101! :D I didn't really know the 2nd one (but I'm not english!! ) I know that in dutch you have to say I a lot and people always say me so reverse problem. and cute outfit!!

Mode_de_rue said...

love love love your umbrella!

Laurie said...

I love that umbrella! Now I must have one :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure, so I don't blame you.

& That umbrella is awesome...i just might have to stop by the Bay and see if I can grab one for myself :)