Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things.

My first sponsor! Stylehopper is a Canadian website that offers flash sales on designer brands. It's free to join and did I mention it's CANADIAN? (Don't worry, it doesn't sell Canadian tuxedos).

Okanagan cherries and lavender. Both in season.

Oceanside flora, for obvious reasons.

Benefit's Cha Cha Tint is a mango flush that works better with my inevitable tan than its reddish, pinkish cousins.

Mophead hydrangeas - for their beauty and poise (see how well-behaved they are when photographed?).

King, Queen, Knave. I'm making my own playing cards.


Debbie Baker Burns said...

Can I get a deck of those cards? Love your sense of humor. Congrats on your first sponsor...nice. And thanks for the heads up...I didn't know that Benefit was making a warm liquid blush. I use the original and love it. Debbie

Stevia said...

ooh I just love your pearl necklace
and there are two of them
couldn't be any better!
Royal Flush indeed ;)


Claire said...

congrats on the sponsor! those cherries look delicious and how beautiful are those hydrangeas!

lindsey said...

i love your cute little blog! precious!!! and i love benefit products, i will have to try the cha cha tint!

Alessandra said...

Great feel good things. Made me smile, like your sweet face in the last photo.

I am also loving hydrangeas - did you see my photo of them on the morning of the wedding? ;-)