Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Search of Reading Time

Dress, Talbots. Blouse, Banana Republic. Trench, J.Crew. Headband, Holt Renfrew. Belt, Eddie Bauer. Wellies, Hunter.

It's that time of the year again, folks. Time to pull the wellies out of storage and dust off your old edition of Swann's Way that you've been meaning to read for a decade or so. 'Tis the season to be cultured and start getting hipsters' Proustian references.


Alessandra said...

Ahahhaah. I'm all for cultured hipsters, especially if they wear adorable dresses like you. Great outfit. Have a lovely weekend.

Julia said...

Ah Autumn is here at last and it's so nice to see you wearing your Wellingtons again, I've really missed them, you look so dishy when you've got your Wellingtons on, I wear Wellingtons too and I love them.

rubberwellingtons said...

I agree with Julie, you look really dishy when you have your wellies on and I hope we are going to see lots more pics of you wearing them.

dotty said...

oh yay! i heart rainboots paired with dresses!

juliewearswellingtons said...

I love seeing you wearing your Wellies, they are so cute.

thelifeacademic said...

As an English PhD student, I'm a pretty big on pretentious references, so I'm all about Proust and hipsters. Plus, I live in Oregon, so rain boots are a go!
p.s. I love your suggestions for my office re-do. I've never thought of filling the vase of a glass lamp before -- genius!

M & Em said...

Oh, you darling thing! I love your dress. It's very classic and chic, but super cute too. And the bright belt makes it really fun! You look ADORABLE.


tiny dancer said...

Adoring this outfit! Such cute layering - and I love that you're wearing your hunters! I have the same ones....I might try this outfit out too :)