Monday, September 26, 2011

Legitimately Sinister

Dress, Brooks Brothers. Sweater, Banana Republic. Scarf, American Apparel. Brooch, vintage. Handbag, Ann Taylor. Pumps, Nine West.

Did you know… that I am an ambidextrous calligrapher? My left-handed cursive is the ugly sister, but a sibling nonetheless. This self-taught skill was a result of my war paranoia – a childhood fear that I could be drafted at any time (even as a woman! even as a child!). Recurring nightmares had me driving ambulance cars (for obvious reasons), looking for family members in a sea of people, and watching myself get shot from a convenient new body. In daydreams, I would survive by having my right arm amputated, so the clumsy left would need to become my livelihood – a sinister thought, indeed! I guess you could say I liked to be prepared, although I still don’t have a driver’s license so I should probably dream up a new wartime occupation. Paranoia is a full-time job, isn't it?


Love at First Shoe said...

You look lovely!

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving the color combo and the scarf. My left hand is a dud so in the event that my right hand is taken from me, I'm a goner.

Sage said...

Eek! Scary daydreams, but actually kind of similar to my childhood nightmares. I assumed it was just a matter of time before something horrible would happen (kidnapping? atomic bomb? aliens?).

I'm ambidextrous too! I was born left-handed, but my elementary school teachers forced us lefties to use our right hands. There were no left-handed scissors, etc. It was frustrating at the time, but now I can use both hands equally well. (Just in case???)

Mrs. J said...

Lol, too funny! That whole story just made me burst into laughter. You have such a GRAND imagination, but being prepared is a great thing. BTW, You look wonderful as usual. Very preppy chic! :)

I'm working on getting my licenses since the time clock is clicking for things I want to do by 27! lol