Friday, September 10, 2010

Tofino Part One

First off: apologies to my third reader, I didn't see you there. Thanks, Pablo! And now, the Tofino dream unfolds with an 8 am ferry ride to Vancouver Island, followed by a three-hour drive to a surfer's paradise. What? Surf? Moi? You bet I didn't. But I did prance around Cox Bay Beach in my ruffled trench coat and nautical silk scarf, while other resort patrons schlepped around like greasy seals (can you tell I was jealous?). We got a measly 4 hours of sun the first day we were there, too tired and lazy to use them up, and spent the rest of our time engulfed by fog and mist. Weather, schmeather: by no fault of my own, we were upgraded to a three-storey private villa right ON the beach. And so, when our bicycle rental plans were shattered, or when I got carsick from being driven on those winding roads, or when I almost got hypothermia trying to show off my bikini bod on a 15 degree day - the Villa made it all better.
Of course, the trip wouldn't have been complete without a short but scenic "hike" and several planned-but-spontaneous-looking photo-shoots. Yes, that was a smidgen of honesty. No, you cannot see any photos where I don't look like a better version of myself.

 On the road.

Cox Bay Beach.

I wasn't lying about the prancing.

Or the posing.
Trench, J.Crew. Jeans, The Gap. Sweater, Banana Republic. Scarf, Brooks Brothers. Belt, H&M.

The view from the villa!

The Pacific Sands Resort = LOVE, as in RAINCOATS.

The day was gray, but I was feeling sassy.
Cardigan, J.Crew. Skirt, Banana Republic. Tights, Hue. Flats, Browns. Scarf, Brooks Brothers.

The aforementioned "hike".

Where gray met green.

A view of the villas.

Untamed wilderness and all that.


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