Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farmer Moi

Dress, H&M. Blouse, Banana Republic. Brooch, vintage. Belt, Joe Fresh. Flats, Ralph Lauren.

"You look like a farmer" - is what my photographer said today. Instead of taking offense, I started working on a new character, Farmer Moi - a snobby Francophile who says things like: "This rutabaga lacks a certain joie de vivre" or "My pygmy geese have been filled with ennui ever since last month's autosexing." Yeah, it's a work in progress. If Farmer Moi blooms into a real person with a believable background story, expect to see us during Open Mic at an organic coffee shop near you.



I LOVE FARMER MOI. Other than Monkeyface, she is totally my favorite style blog alter ego.


minnja said...

you look great :)))

Anonymous said...

The background story for Farmer Moi sounds wonderful and I can't wait for the book or movie to come You know I love the navy blue dress and kelly green top! You look so cute! :)

ps. The shoes are from JCPenney.

angie said...

You styled the dress in a great way that suits your personal style and I've got to tall you this dress is so versatile that it will give birth to many more characters!

Alessandra said...

I can see it now...Farmer Moi Market.

If you're selling produce looking that beautiful, I may even eat my veggies. Adorable!

taylah said...

i just came across your blog, it's great!
aww, you make a cute farmer!
i'd love you to check out my blog if you get a chance, and tell me what you think?

lovess, t.

Always Something said...

You must know that you look like the cutest person ever... because, well, you look so fresh & charming and gahhh! (so eloquent, I know.)

But really, what drove me to comment was to tell you how I laughed out loud when I read your description of Farmer Moi.

PS: Major envy that you don't have to wear a coat right now. I clearly need to live on the other coast.

Lucia.Q said...

Farmer moi is great. I also like the color of that shirt.

Miss Priss Morgan said...

I don't get farmer from this outfit, but it does look like something Jemya Mays would wear on Glee!

Mj. said...

Yes, it is totally an Emma (from Glee) outfit! I wouldn't have thought 'farmer' either, but I'm guessing your photographer is male. Guys always attribute an outfit to some kind of costume. My coworkers have a game of identifying my "costume of the day". Psh, weirdos. ;)

Have you ever heard of the "Jack Handy" quotes from SNL (yeeeears ago)? I think Farmer Moi quotes could be just as popular. Hilarious!

christen + shane said...

Love the layering! Your outfits are so crisp & colorful, adorable.

Thanks for your support @ from the woods!

:) christen