Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meat & Bread

Remember when I promised you folks a restaurant review? No? Well, I did, and I'm gonna make good on that promise today, whether you remember it or not. Moral fiber exists here.

THE SPOT: Meat & Bread
THE LOCATION: 370 Cambie St. (at Victory Square)
This Gastown sandwich shop has a simple yet wildly successful recipe: four types of sandwiches (one daily special), a couple of side dishes (one soup, one salad), one dessert (Bacon Maple Ice Cream Sandwich!), four drinks (beer, wine, cider, soda), and a large room where all the magic happens and can be consumed thereafter. Friends who had tried it first had made it sound utopic, and I can see why. My slow-roasted, hand-carved porchetta on a fresh ciabatta bun (the only type of bread available) was a carnivorous dream - not surprisingly the most popular item on the menu. I added a refreshing orzo salad and a soda and reveled in the different textures found in the pork - the crackling was unbelievable!

THE GOOD: Four divine sandwiches for $7 or $8 each are served in a cool space that is both industrial and rustic. You will appreciate the straightforward name and menu: no cheap fillers like dry lettuce, just honestly delicious meat and bread. The service is excellent and it doesn't hurt that beer and wine are available to order.
THE BAD: The staff is all male, all courteous, and much too handsome. I'm just saying - you're gonna resort to some obvious staring. Bring dark sunglasses to keep your dignity intact.
THE BOTTOM LINE: This is an easy one: eat and repeat.


Amber Blue Bird said...

so this would not be the place to bring my husband? :)

aaez said...

oh wow. i don't know where 370 Cambie St. (at Victory Square) is but i may just fly there this weekend and live at meat and bread.