Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashionably Late

This is a belated pumpkin patch post. I had this idea of yours truly, popping against a bright orange background, both quirky and quaint. It turns out pumpkins are dirty and drab on a cloudy day, so the resulting photographs fell short of my expectations. Lesson learned! And no disappointment allowed - as a recent Vancouverite (two years and counting), I should know better than to complain about the weather. Less sun equals less wrinkles (can I add "will preserve well" to my CV?) and a rainy fall is what I've coined as Reading Season (patent pending, if such a thing exists). Let the reading - and re-reading of old favorites - begin!

Coat, Tommy Hilfiger. Sweater, J.Crew. Shorts, Banana Republic. Belt, vintage (begged mom to give it to me). Tights, Hue. Wellies, Hunter.