Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Cardigan and blouse, J.Crew. Skirt, thrifted. Belt, Eddie Bauer. Pumps, Nine West.

Before you refer back to my 30 for 30 promise to post every single day and consider me a fast failure, I'd like to point out that I live on Pacific Standard Time, East coasters. So technically, it's still Thursday over here and I haven't failed... yet. Am I paranoid? Of course. Crazy? Not unless you think it's crazy that I ordered this lime-chartreuse cardigan online only because of its tortoiseshell buttons. The fact that it also brightens my complexion is a bonus. Does anyone else shop like this?


angie said...

I haven't shopped on line yet!It usually costs too much to post to Greece and I'm not sure about the sizes!But I wll at one point.I like the belt and the pop of colour.The place you took the photos is nice!see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

WHY SO CUTE GIRL? i love the yellow sweater with the skirt and belt. that just means i love everything!

i'm always ahead cause i'm GMT+8 so i understand timezones. at least you're posting right?

awesome outfit. i really like it.

Rose said...

What a beautiful color story. *sigh*