Saturday, November 20, 2010

Irish Heather

Dress, BCBGirls. Cardigan, Tommy Hilfiger. Scarf, Brooks Brothers. Pumps, Nine West.

This is one of my four LBDs: henley/polo shirt on top, draped Grecian on the bottom (kind of like a mullet, but far classier). The best part about it? It will stretch to accommodate whatever one eats, like say, a medium rare sirloin with salsa verde and fries at Gastown favorite Irish Heather. If you find this hard to believe, it's because the photos were taken before dinner (aka pre-bloat). I still looked chic in my mullet dress afterward, but in a When Are You Due? kind of way, which was fine and dandy until I tried to order a Guinness as I waddled past the bar. I'm kidding, y'all! Guinness is too manly, I sipped a Caesar instead.


Gudrun and Iris said...

jeez that steak amidst all your lovely photos made me hungry :D

that cardigan is covetable. i like your style young lady!

Curves ahead makeup said...

wow look at that food yummm you look great by the way

angie said...

You are such a poser!Who's taking your photos?Well I love guiness and I love your clothes.Every piece has a nice detail and/or looks classy!You seem to relay a lot on your scarfs.I don'tblame you ,they are fantastic.I never say no to a scarf!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE your striped cardi....super cute outfit:)

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woodycakes said...

love love love the scarf peeking out from the top of your dress and your cardi.

and one can never have too many LBDs especially the kind that hide the post-eating figure. you look lovely as always!

Kinsey said...

That cardi is really cute! I like this outfit. It is so simple and chic.

Terri said...

This is a sharp looking outfit. I only just recently realized that I own NO LBD! (And yes, I'm from this planet).

As I scrolled through your post, I wondered what that huge piece of meat was doing there. I wondered if you were making some sort of ironic point. I'm glad you explained.

Best of luck with the remaining challenge.

Vicky K. said...

great pieces you're wearing!!the food looks delicious!

(new post: Venice for a Day & follow me)

Jenna said...

that food looks so yummy! love that cardigan and dressed together, and the scarf gives it some great pop!