Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the horizon: Sunset Years

Today my mailbox gifted me with a special introductory offer for GO girl!, "the only Canadian magazine that celebrates women over 40." How they found out my real age I'll never know. Was my cardigan collection a dead giveaway? The fact that I pet my neighbors' pets without prior permission? (by that rule, I could also be ten years old). Hm. The letter itself is very positive:

"Dear Fascinating Woman,
     You've arrived!
     Smack in the middle of the banquet of life. Mixing it up. Figuring it out. Redefining yourself as you go. (...)"

I don't know about you, but I sure would like tickets to this banquet of life. Or any banquet, really. Sipping apéritifs and digestifs, enjoying canapés on sofas (think about it), feeling like the world is one's oyster (ooh! oysters on the half shell!)... What? It's not that kind of banquet? Never mind. I'm busy that night anyway. Those dogs in the elevator aren't gonna pet themselves.

Vancouver sunsets, as photographed by your very own Fascinating Woman.


Shelly said...

These photographs are so beautiful, very romantic. :) In the first one especially - the sky is just breathtaking. I really like your blog. :))

Please check mine out too, I"m having a giveaway - I would love it if you participate.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I see your enjoying the new camera. I'm surprised by your announcement I thought you were only 21 yrs

ps. I'm so sorry for my late comments I think I'm falling apart for the new year bad cold and dizzy days. I'm BACK though!! :D

Beckerman Girls said...

These pics are TOTALLY AWESOME!! WOWOWOWO! And that you're Canadian!!! We're in Toronto!!! Happy New Year babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Jo said...

Hey you, I'd love to lend you my green blouse . . . if you come pick it up from my place in Alberta. Deal? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm back! I tagged you for 7 Things from the Wonder Years!! Have FUN!!

Alessandra said...

What gorgeous photos!
Gotta love direct (?!) marketing...ha ha.

angie said...

You don't mean you are 40 ,do you?