Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Blue Boy

Cardigan, J.Crew. Top, Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe. Jeans, Banana Republic. Scarf (as a headband), H&M. Flats, Browns.

A little over a year ago, I asked a couple of married friends if they would ever be tempted to read a blog about grammar. She curtly said "NO," while he suggestively uttered: "It would depend on who was writing it..." (For the record, I'd take her candor over his pity any day). I'm not saying they're eating crow now, but maybe Cornish game hen or at least quail... because they're gourmets, not malicious. 
P.S.: I still can't believe people are reading the grammar bits!

Today's outfit is very loosely based on The Blue Boy.


kimmie said...

I love grammar lessons. Even though the last one was something I try hard to follow (although sometimes it's difficult!)

Love the blue top and the red shoes. you look so cute!

Alessandra said...

I'm a total grammar girl (nerd) and still have an AP stylebook on my desk to this day.

Love the grammar posts and outfits.

You're much cuter than blue boy, of course. In fact, he's kind of creepy if you ask me. Plus you've got better shoes.

Jenny said...

Love the sweater and the shoes - you look great!

Melissa said...

I agree with Alessandra, you're much cuter and have better shoes. :) I LOVE that you popped the blue with red shoes. Love it!

Grammar is fun. Or maybe I'm just a nerd. Whatever.

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rlutz said...

Love the argyle cardi with the patterned shirt under with the great red flats!!

Anonymous said...

The grammar post are helpful since you know what your talking about. Love the argyle sweater very Gossip Girl season 1!!

Linda said...

I'm all about the grammar lessons. There are far too many people who think grammar is a lost art. I am not one of them.

I'm also all about these shoes. I've wanted red shoes for a while and this just makes me want them even more.

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