Friday, December 17, 2010

Miss Piggy's Pronoun

Cardigan, J.Crew. Skirt, Banana Republic. Necklace, vintage+mom's. Belt, H&M. Tights, Tommy Hilfiger. Flats, Geox.

Photos of me by Miranda A.

Today the lovely Natasha of Required2BeInspired featured my little blog! Natasha makes a lot of her own clothes, like this amazing yellow jacket (the most I've ever been known to craft was a knitted scarf that my little sister had to start, finish, and fix for me - I did the loopy parts in the middle). Due to the aforementioned feature, I'm feeling outrageously flattered today so I should cut this short before I fall into my computer screen and drown there. Lesson learned, Greek gods.


Jacinta said...

Is there a dog in the distance squatting to do his business?!?! haha.
I found you via Natasha. I really love your style and am finding lots of inspiration!
xo MODELmumma

Jodi said...

so great seeing so many locations I recognize!!! love your outfits and the post on Nat's blog was awesome.. love the photos you choose to profile on it too!!!

looks alot warmer over there than it is here lately (Victoria)... brrrrr

xox j


Go, YOU! OH man I have too much fun reading your posts, and that feature was fab. ANDREY, hahahaha. But you ARE.

From Suns To Moons said...

Jacinta - I believe you're right about the squatting dog. One of Vancouver's most common sights!
Jodi - I'm not sure it's warmer here. I usually take some quick smiley shots before hypothermia sets in.
Monkeyface - You can comment ANYTIME. Really, say more things like that.

Kelly said...

Love the yellow sweater - very cheery! :)

Sands said...

Girl, you really rock your colored cardigans! I love how you wore yours buttoned and tucked in in this outfit! SO CHIC!


Law Mama said...

So cool to see your feature on Required2BeInspired! Also - you really rock the colored tights. I feel like I need to get out of jeans more often and into some colored tights. Love!

Nubia said...

Awesome yellow sweater and neat pics!

Tiffany said...

ha, I love the mythological reference at the end there. I just adore smart little literary references in style blogs, and yours never disappoints. Also, congrats on being featured! And I love the yellow sweater. And the bow belt. And happy holidays.