Thursday, December 16, 2010

Personal Stuff

Cardigan, J.Crew. Blouse and shorts, Banana Republic. Scarf (worn as a headband), H&M. Tights, Hue. Wellies, Hunter.

You guys were so sweet yesterday, complimenting my writing and all that I thought I'd rest on those laurels today. Ergo, my ego has come up with a trivial topic for this post: getting to know each other. Can anyone guess what my favorite color is? Trick question: it's blue and green together, a little something I like to call LAGOONISH (I ended up adding this word to the dictionary because the latter suggested replacing it with either lagoon or buffoonish, and that's just insulting). Favorite buildings in which to spend time? Malls and Airports (square footage and convenient bathroom locations). Sitcom I pretend not to like but watch every night before bed? Frasier. What nearly everyone can do except me? Drive and Whistle (I know, how impractical, not being able to whistle). Top three pet peeves? Non-Sarcastic Bragging, Laundry Meddling, and those who use a Communal Utensil like it's their own (in my family, I'm rather famous for snapping and asking: "  Is that your personal knife?"  ).

Now you go.

 See? Lagoonish.


bradbury394 said...

I just love seeing you in your Wellies, they're so funky, please post more pics.

metaghost said...

Can I get a "Top 5 Airports to Sleep in" list?

Or how about: "My Favorite Scenes in 'Return to the Blue Lagoon'"

Sands said...

Hahaha, LAGOONISH! Love this word! :P

And you look superrr adorable in this outfit! Love the mix of blue and green and you rock those shorts!


Lynn said...

awe girl, you had me at "lagoonish" too, love little words we can make our own. oooo and communal laundries....yikes! i used to live in an apartment where i had to use one and some heinous person kept stealing my dainties! omg, who does that? great post ♥


*shudder* @ non-sarcastic bragging

BWAHAHA @ lagoonish (you bring out some seriously unflattering laughter in me)

smiles @ your cute outfit

Jenna said...

love this outfit! I bought a cardigan sorta like that the other day at goodwill and since have been at a loss on how to wear/pair it. you gave me some good ideas, with the green and blue. so thanks :)
also, I live in an appt and "laundry meddling" can drive me up the wall incrediably fast.

Kelly said...

HI! Loved your feature on Required2beinspired - you have great style! Following you now/ :)


Jen said...

Did you ever enter contests to name crayons? You so should! Lagoonish is great. So is your cardi! Your top underneath is my fave color. Love that pattern and collar. What is that collar called?

I'm a dork. From the start I liked Frasier because it was supposed to be set in Seattle. It was cute though.

a pretty penny said...

Hunter wellies!! Oh, how I want a pair. But they're not exactly practical where I live. So darn cute.